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Compression Mount Spring Pin Sockets

High Performance Standard Footprint Sockets for 0.30 + pitch devices. Industry Standard Spring Pins in standardized footprint configuration

Technical Documents

Ironwood Electronics spring pin sockets are designed in standardized stepped footprint configurations incorporating industry standard high performance spring pins. Ironwood can design a socket to work with any type IC packages; BGA- LGA - QFN- DFN and even leaded devices where you have minimal space to fit a socket in place of your device to allow fast, easy testing and development.

Features and Benefits


Industry Standard Spring Pins Ironwood Electronics has partnered with several Spring Pin manufactures so we can provide designs based on mechanical and electrical requirements, and cost points.
Lid Options The ½ turn Lid is typically used for manual easy testing when higher insertions are needed. Simple bolt down LID is also available and Custom Heat Sink Lids can be designed for special applications.
Excellent signal performance Depending on the electrical performance needed, the Ironwood Spring Pin sockets can be designed using the best type pin required for your electrical requirements.



Compression Mount Spring Pin Sockets - methodology ½ Turn LID / Press – Knob turns 180 degrees – latches and press moves down to insert the device to the test position

Frame – secures the contact set to the Test Board and attaches the LID

Contact Set – housing with spring pins


Spring Pins we have designed into our sockets Manufacture Relative cost Pin Length @ Test Height (mm)
ECT – Z0 “ Zip pin” $$$$ 1.5
ECT – Z “ Zip Pin $$$ 2.7
Kita – Standard Pitch $$ 2.7-2.8
Other S-SSSS
The above list is Spring Pins we have designed into our sockets- any spring pin you are familiar with can also be designed into an Ironwood compression mount socket



Examples below for various manufacture’s Spring Pin for 0.4 pitch applications Specifications are the Listed manufacture’s published data.

Contact Ironwood for additional specifications, RF simulation and model reports, HFSS and S parameter files when available.

ECT Z0-040 Kita KWH040 Plastronics H033
Loop inductance 0.50 nH 0.87 nH 0.80 nH
Current Carrying Capacity 2.5A 1.4A 1.8A
Capacitance 0.03 pF N/D 0.067 pF
S21 Insertion loss (-1 dB) Field >30 GHz 20.2 GHz 10.0 GH
Operating Temperature -55C to +155C -40C to +120C -55C to +180C
Mechanical Life 500,000 300,000 50,000



Spring Pin (DUT end) Homogenous Copper alloy (Cu) Copper alloy (Cu)
Spring Pin (PCB end) Copper alloy (Cu) Copper alloy (Cu) Copper alloy (Cu)
Plating n/a DUT – Au PCB Au Au
Housing Ironwood Laminated Design
using Polyimide (Cirlex®)



Lid Configuration / Housing X-Small Small Medium Large X – Large
Device Size to 12mm >12-20 >20-28 >28-35 >35-43
Outside (footprint) 24 x 24mm 32 x 32mm 40 x 40mm 47 x 47mm 55 x55mm
½ Turn Thread Diameter – Pitch ½”-13 5/8”-11 ¾”-10 1”-8 TBD
½ Turn Z Height Change 0.96 1.15 1.27 1.58
Adjustment positions / one revolution 8 (45°) 12 (30°) 12 (30°) 16 (22.5 °)
Height increments 0.24 0.19 0.21 0.20
Hole through Knob for thermal forcing 4.5mm 8.0mm 9.0mm 13.5mm


Standard with ½ Turn Lid

½ Turn LID with Press and locking Latch Option – Cam Lid with Heat Sink
Standard with ½ Turn Lid Adjustable Z position to precisely control the proper stop position Option – Cam Lid with Heat Sink
Alignment Frame Alignment frame shown with LID removed Option – Bolt Down Lid
Stripper plate Contact Set Contact Set – Two Piece with Stripper plate option shown
Housing – Top section Plastronics, Kita and ECT Z (Tall pin) Housings are a two-piece design that allows replaceable pins
Bottom Housing- Cover ECT-ZO (Short) Housing is a one-piece design therefore spring pins are non- replaceable



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