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Receptacles provide pluggable interface for BGA, MGA, PGA, QIP, and QFP packages. We also offer parts that provide interconnects for in-circuit emulators. Ironwood offers the industry's widest array of high quality receptacles. Our parts utilize gold plated pins and through-hole connectors exclusively.

Ironwood's line of receptacles are grouped in the following part families:

In-Circuit Emulator Support

Ironwood's line of emulator adapters, surface mount feet, PGA male/male interconnects, and extenders provide convenient, yet highly reliable connections to in-circuit emulators.



PGA Receptacles (0.1" pitch)

Over 100 patterns of our PGA (0.1" pitch) pin array interconnects are available, with array sizes ranging from 5x5 to 26x26 pins, including IPGA. Three pins types are available, including wire wrap. PGA ZIF sockets are available for arrays sizes 10x10 10 25x25.

MGA Receptacles (0.05" pitch)

"Socket receptacles" are parts that present a pluggable female interface. Depending on the pattern, they can be used with our land sockets, industry standard ZIF and production sockets, or other parts with compatible arrays of pins. Socket receptacles typically plug into one of our surface mount emulator feet, although we do offer some QFP socket receptacle parts (RE-QFE) that are surface mounted directly to the target system. These 0.05" pitch mini-grid (MGA) pin array interconnects are typically used as mating connectors to many Ironwood parts such as SMT emulator bases, probe boards, and extenders. We offer them in several Female/Male and Male/Male configurations. Our MGA receptacles all use gold plated pins and connectors.

QIP Receptacles (0.1" pitch)

These 0.1" pitch QIP receptacles are typically soldered to target board and QIP devices are plugged on to them. We offer them in several configurations including wire wrap version. Our QIP receptacles use gold plated pins for reliable connection throughout its life.

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