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QFN Probing Systems (Carrier Adapters)

QFN probing adapter with socket on the top side and emulation base on the bottom sideIronwood Electronics' high performance QFN probing adapters allow probing of QFN's/MLF's with logic analyzers such as the Agilent 16,000 series or Tektronix TLA700 series. These adapters use gold plated machined pins for maximum reliability.

Standard Parts

These industry leading probing adapters for QFN/MLF allow probing connection to all pins of the chip. A high density male to male adapter provides interconnect from the probe board to the target attached SMT feet. The SMT foot is simply soldered to the same pads as for the IC using standard soldering methods. The IC is installed into the ZIF socket on the probe board. The probe board is connected to the PCB attached SMT foot with a male to male pin adapter. Stabilizers are tightened to target PCB to prevent movement when probes are attached. All pins are gold plated for highest reliability interconnect.

The drawing below highlights a typical or QFN/MLF Probing Adapter:

QFN probing adapter with socket on the top side, emulation base on the bottom side and a height extender in between them

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