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August 2008

Force Indicating Compression Screw for Easy BGA and QFN Socket Use

Quickly Install BGA Chips with ErgonomicallyDesigned Force Indicating Compression Screw

BURNSVILLE, MN - August, 2008 - Ironwood Electronics has recently introduced the TS-SS-11, TS-SS-12, TS-SG-01 and TS-SG-02 Force Indicating Compression Screws to allow quick and error free chip insertion in sockets with up to 40 GHz bandwidth. These affordable mechanisms when added to Ironwood Electronics Sockets enable the socket user to insert chips into sockets while always having the proper downward force on the chip. Devices work in all socket sizes from 10X10 mm to 35 mm and with BGA ball counts over 1000. These devices allow easier operation of sockets with elastomer, diamond particle, or spring pin contactors.

Pricing for the TS-SG-01 and TS-SG-02 is $99 at qty 1 with reduced pricing available depending on quantity required.

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