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Update Regarding COVID 19
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Clamshell BGA Socket


DC to 110GHz performance BGA sockets, WLCSP sockets, BGA sockets and QFN sockets utilizes smallest industry footprint that accommodates 0.2mm device pitch and above Device pincount supported up to 10,000.

Zero Footprint BGA Socket


Zero footprint BGA socket for Characterization & Failure analysis accommodates device pitch 0.35mm and above. Device pincount supported up to 3600.

BGA Socket Adapter


BGA socket adapter systems and Board-to-Board interconnection for engineering and production use of devices with pitch 0.75mm and above Device pincount supported up to 2000.

PLCC Upgrade Module


Solution includes high density PCB design & manufacturing, IC/component procurement services, automated pick & place assembly (both SMT & through hole), in-circuit/boundary scan test and tray, tape & reel packaging.

Custom Fixture BGA Socket


Quick turn custom solutions are our specialty. Example includes 30amp spring pin socket for DC-DC module, spider socket that mounts on to existing holes in the production PCB, custom configuration module socket etc.

Who we are and what we do

Ironwood Electronics offers high performance test sockets and adapters for both engineering and production use of semiconductor devices. IC packages covered include QFN, BGA, SOIC, QFP, LGA, WLCSP and other SMT packages. Our GHz line of sockets with 6 different contact technologies supports up to 110 GHz bandwidth, >=0.2mm pitch, <=10000 pins, 500K insertions and the smallest footprint in the industry.

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IC Life Cycle Test Solutions

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Ironwood Electronics is dedicated to providing high quality services and products that meet or exceed requirements and to continuously improve quality.
ISO 9001:2015 Certified


Quick turn custom solutions are our specialty, with some custom solutions available as fast as 1 week. We provide electrical, thermal and mechanical simulation - value added custom solutions.

Cost Savings

Our products and solutions are simple, easy-to-use and lower cost than competitive solutions by enabling automation and six sigma/lean principles in every department.

High Performance

Our products are used in testing next generation semiconductor devices (Microprocessor, Microcontroller, Memory, Networking/Communication devices, Artificial Intelligence devices, etc) with the performance second to none.

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